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Over the last two decades, Cotton has been instrumental in the recovery efforts of businesses and communities following individual losses as well as major events including weather-related and other natural catastrophes, terrorism, vandalism and environmental mishaps both, in the U.S. and internationally. Each incident is unique in nature, sometimes presenting a variety of challenges that must be solved through expert knowledge and innovation. The years of experience gained from being at the forefront of these recovery efforts gives Cotton the ability to offer clients a range of consulting services, from advanced pre-disaster planning – that saves time and money during recovery – to project management and other administrative services after an event.



  • 24/7 Watch Center
  • Bi-Directional audit
  • Disaster plan development
  • Site assessments
  • Training and tabletop exercises
  • Management oversight and direction of clients' staff and/or vendors
  • Clerk services, Estimating and Loss evaluation
  • Project review

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