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Going Green

Much consideration is given to the environmental impact our actions may have. Realizing the importance of efficiency and conservation and foreseeing the coming changes in our industry, we designated a member of our construction division as our "Green Specialist". He went on to receive his LEED certification in 2009 and works with all divisions on implementing methods that contribute to the overall rating of a jobsite.

Whenever possible, Cotton will recycle metals, concrete, and other materials at approved recycling locations or assist customers in a salvage sale. These measures mitigate landfill waste and help clients recover some costs.

Cotton understands that any small effort impacts all. Therefore, we have implemented recycling and energy conservation policies within our regional offices, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance on all company vehicles and Cotton's 6,800 pieces of equipment and heavy machinery.

As awareness grows and heavier restrictions are enforced, Cotton anticipates greater emphasis will be placed on green initiatives in the disaster recovery industry and we are confident that we are ahead of others in our efforts to contribute to a safe and healthy planet.

Cotton strictly adheres to all guidelines and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA on every jobsite.

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