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The Preferred Client Program

In today's world, sophisticated management is not just concerned with relief after a disaster strikes. Their focus is on preparedness. That's why Cotton stands ready to help you anticipate your needs in advance and develop a recovery plan that fits your business model.

Cotton's Preferred Client Program is designed to turn any unfortunate course of events into a successful restoration project. In any disaster, time is of the essence. Preparation done in advance will accelerate recovery time and limit financial loss. Cotton understands that individual needs vary from one client to another and each loss scenario presents a unique set of characteristics and challenges. However, there are certain elements that are common to all disasters and the most important of these is information.

Cotton will engage the client in gathering key information related to client properties, then will organize and evaluate that information to determine best-approach methods of responding to various disaster situations at client locations. Cotton will offer expert opinions, make recommendations for site and facility upgrades and provide innovative and cost-saving solutions to complex situations. But the advantages don't stop there. A comprehensive plan must be communicated, exercised and maintained. A designated point of contact is assigned to manage each account and available to address any need or concern that may arise. And, Cotton's 24 hour, year-round response gives you piece of mind knowing that an informed team is on standby, ready to assist in your most critical hour.

  • Maximize Recovery Efforts
  • Minimize Business Interruption
  • Limit Financial Loss
  • Reduce Size of Insurance Claim
  • ZERO financial commitment to join!
  Preferred Client Program

Preferred Client Brochure

To become a Cotton Preferred Client or for additional details call 877-511-2972.

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